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NAME:  Aveline Vallen
AGE: Late 30's-early 40's. 
NATIONALITY: Ferelden turned Free Marcher 
RACE: Human
OCCUPATION: Guard Captain of Kirkwall, leader of the rebellion against Starkhaven. 
HEIGHT: Tall. 6 ft-ish
BUILD: broad and muscular
HAIR: copper-red, medium length 
EYES: Green 
SKIN: Pale, freckled BEARING: ***
Aveline can be found often in the training yard, hitting some dummies, sparing with anyone who'd like to have a go or training anyone who wants it. Other locations might include the forge, have to keep her gear in top shape! The rookery, writing letters to her husband. The library, on occasion -- seeking solace and reading, doing a bit of research. 

And, sparely -- the Herald's Rest. Having a drink or two.
Aveline is known as the Guard Captain of Kirkwall, and as one of Hawke's companions from the city. She's known as formidable, loyal, and reasonable as well as strict -- she has a dry wit and a quick temper that doesn't hold for selfishness or acts that endanger innocent lives. 

Very straightforward and to the point, there's not beating around the bush. She's married, with a husband back in Kirkwall. 

All of this is known to her friends, and those who have read Varric's tale about Hawke -- The Tale of the Champion. 

Also... the figure that Swords and Shields is based off of but you probably don't know that. Or maybe you do
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Name: Corie
Age: 28
Contact: rabbithearted @ plurk // pms to this journal
Other Characters: none!
Interests: Aveline is not a political player, not really. She's rather more action oriented and I want her to get involved, somehow. Help Cullen whip his troops into shape, yell at Anders a lot, catch up with her friends. Basically not sit idle while things go to shit. She is not good with things that she can't control, like the giant hole in the sky, but... she'll want to do what she can. 


Name: Aveline Vallen
Canon/OC: canon
Race: huuuuman
Nationality: Ferelden turned Marcher
Occupation: Guard Captain of the city of Kirkwall
Age: 37-39 ish


a handy wiki link for you will go here

The last five years: After the destruction of the Chantry and the fight that ensued with Merideth and basically... everything going to shit, Aveline remained in Kirkwall as the Captain of the City Guard. Her efforts were put forth into reconstruction -- helping stabilize the city, and keep it safe. However, when Sebastian declared action against Kirkwall for Ander's actions, she took up the lead as a resistance against him, as the city has no proper militia force. 

+++ Once the Inquisition has been founded and the herald killed, Varric sends Aveline a letter* -- asking for her assistance. With Sebastian's attention elsewhere, Aveline leaves the guard in the care of her second in command, and husband and sets off to Skyhold. 

*I have obtained permission from Varric's player already for this


Aveline was raised to be a knight, from the stories she grew up hearing, to her namesake. It was, however, the life that her father wanted for her -- to regain old glory and reclaim that very name. Aveline chose her own path, there will be no higher morals and lost causes to guide her hand or heart. It is, to her far better to serve and protect than to lose lives over silly senses of honor and lost causes. No callings of a higher power -- she does what she does because it is the right thing to do. Above all, she is a protector and a loyal friend to those who she calls a friend. Her failure with Wesley, there will be no more of that -- not on her watch. 

But she can also be an enemy, as she looks down on corruption or acting out of selfishness in ways that put others in danger. She believes in the law, and keeping order -- but can on occasion turn a blind eye to criminal activity when it's a friend involved, or to act against it if it's not something she agrees with. 

Aveline is blunt, no softening her words, no point in beating around the bush when you can just say what you mean. If she disagrees with something, or thinks someone is doing something incredibly stupid, it's likely that they'll hear about it or at least receive a sharp look. It's hard to miss that she has an incredibly dry sense of humor and is known to an occasional bout of sarcasm.

Alongside with her guardian like behavior, she's also known to give out unsolicited advice, ranging from stern yet well meaning (usually directed at Merrill) or downright mean and judgmental (Isabela). Her relationship with the pirate is an interesting one, growing from heated arguments and name calling, particularly when the woman manages to get under her skin with a well placed barb of her own, to an eventual understanding and friendship, and sharing drinks in Aveline's office while they talk about her sex life. 

At a glance, what you see with Aveline is mostly what you get. The armor, no jewlery to speak of, not much in the way of make up, her tall stature. She is very much someone to be reckoned with. No mourning the life of the Orleasian noblewoman that she could have been. However, she is caring, has a soft spot and has a bit of a romantic heart (see her very traditional attempted courtship with her now husband, Donnic).

Aveline has a slight wariness towards magic and things that are out of her power. She hates feeling helpless, or at a loss. She doesn't have hatred towards mages, but definitely feels that they are dangerous and needs some form of guidance, that Templars are a necessity. 

Opinions & Affiliations


Aveline was there in Kirkwall when the Chantry blew up and just sees it as murder, and the war and how many innocent lives were dragged into it, she doesn't support it. Not one bit. 

Not a religious individual, not a big supporter of the Chantry but sees the need of the Templars and the Circles, even if Kirkwall's did go too far. Wary of Grey Warden's "take what you need" attitude.  

Strengths & Weaknesses


+ Proficient warrior: excels with a sword and shield (spec: guardian)
+ Strength. Can run while carrying 5 cows. This is not at all an exaggeration, just ask Isabela. 
+ Leadership. 
+ Dealing with trying people and not losing her temper? Usually a close thing. The temper is reserved for the ones that really deserve it.


+ Small talk/flirting. You played this quest, you remember how it goes. 
+ Tends to stick to her own ways somewhat too closely. Not exactly a weakness per say, except that it can sometimes be a not so good thing. 
+ Judgy. 
+ Dealing with things out of her control/magic/the fade. She can do it, and handle it, but it shakes her up pretty badly. 


+ Guard Captain's Ranked Plate
+ Chevalier's Reach
+ Ser Wesley's Shield
+ Signet of the Red
+ True Love's Course
+ Wedding Ring
+ Modified Officer's Issue 

Various other items -- money, letters from her husband, books, extra clothing and sword sharpening items.


A request from a friend, to help them out in any way that she is able. 


Log sample - from another game

Sample 2: The Gull and Lantern had a certain charm to it (if not for the number of rats that inhabited the floors, Aveline didn't need to look down to know what had bumped into her foot) and the drinks served were much better than the watered down piss that The Hanged Man served. 

She didn't think it'd make her miss the run down pub, with it's barely tolerable drinks or rowdy drunks -- some of which were the very people that she considered friends. 

Returning to Ferelden had not been something done lightly, and if it were anyone but Varric, it's likely that she would have sent someone in her stead because there was simply too much that needed to be done. But the reconstruction was progressing, the guard was flourishing and Prince Sebastian Vael of Starkhaven was preoccupied with other matters outside of Kirkwall. She trusted her guards to be able to handle things in her absence, and Donnic -- well, she would miss him, truly but he understood her need to do it. These were her friends asking for her help, and she would not be able to sit while they fought for their world without her. He knew that.

Good man, her Donnic. 

Odd to think of how much had changed since last she had set foot on this soil, escaping the Blight with nowhere to go but forward, to a boat with a family she barely knew. Now she had made a new life elsewhere and was returning to the place that she'd once never thought she'd leave behind. She raised her glass in a silent toast to an absent friend, one that had made the journey with her and oversaw much of this - hoping that wherever she was now -- she too had found some matter of peace. 
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