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Post-Battle Blues

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WHO: Taas + Open
WHAT: Taas deals with Stuff™ and Things©
WHEN: Backdated to after the dragon fight.
WHERE: Outside the Gallows, the docks, etc.
NOTES: Very mild gore vaguely described.

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crystal || OPEN.

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FORM: sending crystal
SENDER: Val de Foncé
WHAT: researchers, meet your new boss. everyone else, give Val a high five. applications for Research Secretary now being collected.
WHEN: right now
WHERE: your ears

Research, Inquisition. [Hail and well met my dudes Val is still Orlesian. Note the accent.] If this word does not thrill you as it does me, we have very little to speak of. In fact we may not have spoken at all. In Val Royeaux, at the University, I and my friends are well known for all of the research that we have contributed to the vast stores of knowledge that are contained within our much beloved and greatly venerated University.

And I am pleased now to inform you, Inquisition, that I have been made Head of Research for this very organization that we all name as our own. A very wise choice. There are so very few that possess my credentials, experience, and charm. It is my belief that we, as a division, shall far surpass the work of all other divisions. For our purpose is not only superior: it is clearer, too.

[In a more serious tone, now:] To those lucky enough to be working on research projects for the Inquisition, I am requesting that all work you have amassed on each topic be put into the fires and burned. [And a pause before, more cheerfully:] No! Do not do that. What I mean is, we start anew, together. But you must submit your work to me for a metaphorical burning. I shall burn it with my critique. I require at the very least a written proposal for the work you are conducting. If a project has begun, let us visit it together.

I shall also require a secretary. Chief duties for this position will be, of course, reading project proposals. Please, make an introduction and submit your credentials to me in my office forthwith. You need not be a member of our research efforts, but you must have a keen interest in reading terrible handwriting.

[And generally doing all the work but that part remains unsaid.]

And! To those that might contest my selection, I shall quote the translation of a rustic proverb found engraved upon the wall of Orzammar, taught to me by my very dear Baroness Frédérique: may a demon eat your arse.
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FORM: Sending crystal
SENDER: Clarke Griffin
RECIPIENT: Rift & the Veil project members
WHAT: Hello from your small boss
WHERE: Your ears
NOTES: Threadjacking encouraged.

Hello. I'm Clarke, I'm— [ not used to the crystals; there's a pause, then she's a bit louder. ] —leading the project to figure out what's going on with the Veil and the rifts. I don't think I know any of you yet, but that's probably going to change pretty fast.

I've claimed a room in the center tower, third floor. There isn't much there yet, but we have a map. I'm trying to mark known rifts. There's a box of pins on the floor beside it and different colors of thread to wrap them with, so the ones with rifters and the ones that gave people anchors are in another color. If you know of any, you're welcome to add them. And from there...

We need more information.

[ If anyone wanted to ease in with a meet and greet and ice breakers, sorry, you'll have to ask for them. ]

We know we don't have forever before those anchors start killing the people who have them. [ She knows, anyway. If you didn't know, now you do. ] I know people have seen healers about them, but we need to start recording how big they are, how much they hurt, how they behave. So we know when they're getting worse. And while we're doing that I don't think it would hurt to create a record of where everyone is from and what they can do. No names, if they're afraid. But it might help to know if there's some kind of pattern.

Aside from that, I think we can find out a few other things to start. We need to know if the areas where rifts are sealed are fixed permanently, or if the Veil just weakens again. If people with anchors can strengthen the Veil long term, maybe they can strengthen it before tears ever happen—the Veil in Kirkwall is thin, so it's a good place to try that. The Veil has torn before, in other places, so figuring out how people fixed those before, if they even did, that might help us understand what's going on now. And we can't send everyone back to every old location, but we need to start looking at new rifter sites to see if there's anything they have in common that might explain... any of this.

If anyone wants to volunteer to take charge of any of those things, now's the time, before I ask you to do something you don't like instead.

—and if anyone has their own ideas, feel free to share.

[ ooc | Clarke is bossy! It's totally legit to tell her to chill (though she won't like it) or argue with her, etc. Just so no one is scared. xoxo. ]
May. 23rd, 2017 10:45 pm


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You probably know how this works. Copy the form below, post it in the comments for each of your characters, and tag around to make plans for past, present, and future character relationships!

Your Name:

Character: Name (Canon)
Info Page: Click
Recent Open Post(s): Click
Elevator Pitch: Briefly tell us who your character is.

Where They've Been: Where is your character from? Where have they traveled? Use this to hammer out pre-Inquisition CR!
What They Do: What do they do within the Inquisition? Do they have any services they offer or skills they teach? Where can they usually be found during the day?
Who They Know: Who does your character spend most of their time with? Use this to find friends-of-friends and figure out who should know each other by association. If you have an updated CR chart, linking that works, too.
What They've Been Up To: Do they have any special projects or plots in the works? Any recent character development or conflicts people should know about? This is a good place to update your existing CR on your character, too!

Plot Plans: Do you have anything already planned for the character? Upcoming player plots? Vague plot ideas you'd be down to get other people involved in planning? Be as specific or broad as you want.
Development Goals: Do you have plans or goals for character development? Anything you want your character to learn or experience? Anything they need help recovering from or any secrets that you'd like them to share with someone else?
CR Wishlist: Friends/enemies/frenemies? Do you want CR that can share specific projects or will push specific buttons? List it out! Bullet points are great, too.

One piece of gossip (true or not) about your character that's floating around:
A one-sentence obituary:
Anything else: !!!
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crystal; closed

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FORM: Sending crystal
SENDER: Araceli Bonaventura
RECIPIENT: Korrin Ataash, Val de Foncé, Melys, Samouel Gareth, James Norrington
WHAT: Roll call for the Inquisition naval projects team
WHEN: Now-ish
WHERE: Kirkwall
NOTES: threadjack away

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May. 22nd, 2017 10:05 pm

Coryphriends } Closed

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FORM: Sending crystal
SENDER: Freddie Durfort-Lacapalette
RECIPIENT: Members of the Corypheus' History project: Alan, Alistair, Anders, Kaisa, Merrill
WHAT: Intro + brainstorming sesh
WHEN: Right now
WHERE: In your ears
NOTES: Threadjacking encouraged! And with this group, probably some kind of terminal sass overdose warning

[ The message begins with the genteel clearing of a throat and then a voice, lightly accented but unmistakably Orlesian. ]

Good evening, all. I do not believe any of us has met in the past, but my name is Frédérique Durfort-Lacapalette, Baroness Haut-Brion, but you may simply call me Freddie, or Lady Freddie if you are the type to insist upon formalities. [ Which would be an absurd thing to say to this particular group, if she'd ever knowingly met any of them before. But she has not, so enjoy laughing behind your hands at the notion. ]

I will be leading this effort to uncover more information regarding our adversary Corypheus, and I am pleased to have your assistance in this endeavor. To begin, I would like you each to introduce yourself, and to share how you came to be assigned to this project, and if you have any particular expertise you believe will be useful to achieving our ends.

And of course, ideas! Should you have any suggestions for how we ought to begin, I would like to hear them. While my research skills are of course formidable, I freely confess to knowing little about our foe in specific, and even were that not so, I believe an open exchange and discussion of ideas is essential to the development and transmission of knowledge.

I look forward to hearing from each of you!
May. 22nd, 2017 07:21 pm

[open] prelude to summer

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WHO: Waver Velvet +
WHAT: Kirkwall adventures
WHEN: 15-31 Bloomingtide
WHERE: The Gallows and Lowtown

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May. 22nd, 2017 11:18 am

CRYSTALS | Closed.

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FORM: Sending Crystal
RECIPIENT: Chantry Relations project members
WHAT: Project Brainstorming & Stuff
WHEN: Post-Announcements
WHERE: Near, far, wherever you are
WHERE: The purpose of this is like 99% threadjacking, so feel free to do ya thing.

This is Knight-Lieutenant Luwenna Coupe. I believe we have all spoken prior.

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WHO: Yngvi, open
WHAT: A night of regret or Yngvi has attempted to cope and has a night off from that, it goes about as well as expected
WHEN: 22nd/23rd Bloomingtide (evening through small hours)
WHERE: Kirkwall; Hanged Man, various points in the streets, ends up in the Gallows (will possibly detour if you desire)
NOTES: Yngvi's been MIA until pretty much now, perhaps glimpsed in the company of other dwarves but definitely not around Inquisition turf. So. He resurfaces. In grand fashion.  Warnings; heavy drinking, drug use (shrooms), language. Yngvi and growing up carta but for real.

At least someone here should be covered in blood )
May. 21st, 2017 10:46 pm


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WHO: Alistair, Anders, Bethany, Ciri, Felix, Inessa, Kaisa, Nathaniel, Oghren, Teren, and Velanna
WHAT: Visiting Ansburg
WHEN: First week of Bloomingtide
WHERE: Warden Fortress, Ansburg, Free Marches

You will guard them and they will hate you for it. )
May. 21st, 2017 09:34 pm

Belladonna Blooming

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FORM: Sending crystal, along with a written copy that's been posted.
SENDER: Beleth
WHAT: Hey scouts say hi to your new boss
WHERE: Everywhere (the written copy has been posted in the Gallows)
NOTES: Here is the inbox to contact her for official scouting stuff.

Hello, and good day to everyone. I am Beleth Ashara, and I have been given the honor of becoming the head of the scouting division here in Kirkwall. I am incredibly grateful that the Inquisition has placed such a significant responsibility into my care, and I pledge that I will do my all to uphold these expectations.

[ She clears her throat quietly. ]

I invite anyone within the scouting division with comments, questions, or other concerns to reach out to me. I have an office that I will be moving into shortly, and you are all welcome to visit or leave a note. If you are new to the Inquisition, or scouting in general, I can help you get set up with resources for whatever you might need to further your skills. If you would like to offer your skills to train new members, I'd be glad to get you in touch with someone who could benefit.

To summarize, if there's anything related to scouting that you need help with, just let me know.

I'm also here to ensure that all members of my division hold themselves to the standards of conduct set by the Inquisition. If anyone takes issue with said conduct of people within my division, I encourage them to please contact me, so I can help sort out the matter, try to ensure that an adequate conclusion is reached, and hopefully ensure that this altercation is not repeated. Anyone reaching out to me will be given as much anonymity as possible, situations considered.

Additionally, I would like to request that those who are currently in charge of looking into elven artifacts, as well as those dealing with our northern neighbors, to please contact me to set up individual meetings. I'd like to learn about your current projects, goals for the future, and what I can do in order to help you achieve them.

...As an aside, I've also been placed in charge of the apothecary. If anyone has any requests for potions or poultices, or interesting ingredients they would like to hand off, I'd be glad to lend my aid.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with all of you.
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WHO: Prompto and anyone else
WHAT: Kirkwall shenanigans
WHEN: Throughout Bloomingtide
WHERE: All over.
NOTES: None that I can think of! Will update if needed

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Life has been all life-y and weird lately, but I am going to try and stick it out! I did drop some old tags so I can try and get a fresh start back into the game, but I wanted to give a quick explanation and apology for being MIA for most of the month.

May. 21st, 2017 05:52 pm


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FORM: Written posts and the general grapevine
WHAT: The results of the statue poll, updates about post-war Orlais, and announcement of the new Division Heads and Project Leaders
WHERE: Around the Gallows
NOTES: Content warning for destruction of historical artifacts, Orlesian scholars avert your eyes

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May. 21st, 2017 10:08 am


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WHO: Pel and YOU but especially her "clan"
WHAT: Open post
WHEN: Late Bloomingtide/early Justinian
WHERE: The Gallows
NOTES: +1 baby.

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May. 21st, 2017 03:06 am

Player Plot: Unwanted Houseguests

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WHO: Fenris, Aleron, Bethany, Korrin, Inessa, Church, Saoirse, and Ellana
WHAT: Getting rid of some nasty visitors... and a little demony surprise twist on top of that! (OOC Post)
WHEN: Close to the end of Bloomingtide, we'll go with the 29th
WHERE: Fenris' mansion in Hightown
NOTES: This is slightly forward-dated to the end of the month. See directions below about groups and things! As for warnings, uhhh... bad interior decorating?

Of all the enemies to show up why did it have to be these? )
May. 20th, 2017 09:57 pm

(no subject)

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FORM: Crystal
RECIPIENT: Everyone!
WHAT: Kain got himself injured and has been really out of it this month. Now he's come to! And he's taking the last step before he confess something to someone.
WHEN: Now-ish
WHERE: Kirkwall
NOTES: No warnings.

[Kain sounds very weary, just a bit out of it somehow. Though at least he's finally up for using the crystal, for the first time in a good while. It worked well enough last time he had something nagging at his mind, so why not now? It's technically related, since he figured out what he has to do, but... it's not going to be easy.]

If there was something you had to tell someone, and you weren't sure how to approach it... where would you even start? I'm not sure if I... [He trails off, letting that whole train of thought go, not having any way to complete it. He's had too much time to think, lately.]

I'm getting far too restless here... if anyone can manage to help me sneak out of this place, I'll owe you.
May. 15th, 2017 12:58 am

CLOSED | head-on

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WHO: Wren + Gwen
WHAT: Training montage but like, no one's happy about it.
WHEN: Earlyish this month.
WHERE: Gallows.
NOTES: Language, probably.

apply directly to the forehead )
May. 14th, 2017 08:48 pm


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FORM: Crystal.
SENDER: Alistair.
RECIPIENT: All y'all.
WHAT: Trouble adjusting.
WHEN: Now!
NOTES: Mwah.

[ There's so much space in the Gallows that there's no logical reason for everyone not to have their own room, especially grown men who are not afraid of the dark and have in fact killed thousands of the things that make the dark scary, and yet

it's sooooo quiiiiiiet. ]

Someone tell the rest of us a bedtime story.

[ Or it was quiet. Now it's not. Everyone is welcome. ]
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